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  • Windsurfing on Aruba. Hard to beat Aruba's water colours! Photo by Armando Goedgedrag.Mexico, Avalanches and Aruba
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    After a few days of resting, hanging out with the family and eating Christmas food at home in Canada I flew to windsurf a popular winter destination […read more...]
  • Tapioca for breakfastThe Jeri Routine
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    ***Don’t forget to scroll below the galleries to see a few video clips! Over 24 months of my life has been spent in Jericoacoara. Why so much? […read more...]
  • Phil Soltysiak windsurfing mid-heat in Sylt, Germany. Photo by John CarterCappuccinoed in Sylt
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    I got “Cappuccinoed” in Sylt, and it was fun 99% of the time. The fun times started in the 2nd round of the single elimination, the round of 32. I […read more...]
  • Morning testing of a 2018 Sailworks Revolution 4.7 at the Hood River Event SiteStorms and Fires
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    It’s not due to lack of content that I haven’t had a blog update for a month now. So what’s been keeping me away from sitting down and and opening […read more...]
  • Bruce Peterson and Phil Soltysiak Finners vs Foilers fun. Photo by Karel Tyc.2017 US Nationals
    In Competition
    After the Fuerteventura PWA World Cup I flew into Portland, somehow getting away with checking in all my board bags for free, and drove down for the […read more...]
  • Soltysiak Shaka coming into the beach. Photo by PWA/Carter13th at PWA Fuerte
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    After 5 days of competition and a full double elimination I managed to finish the PWA Fuerteventura Grand Slam in 13th place. This past week Fuerte […read more...]
  • Phil Soltysiak captured by GoPro backloop off Balz's boom in FuerteventuraFuerteventura Preview
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    The flying sand of Sotavento Beach is impossible to get use to. Actually the more days you spend here the more frustrated you get with it being […read more...]
  • Philip Soltysiak take-off at the 2017 IWT Gorge Beach Bash windsurfing event. Photo by Bob Stawicki.Rio Vista, Whales, Hood River
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    40 degree heat and dry camping are not the best combination. Luckily the Sacramento River off Sherman Island was refreshing enough to keep the Rio […read more...]
  • The Pro Men Podium at the IWT Pistol River Wave Bash, L to R me, Boujmaa, Morgan, Russ.IWT Pistol and Coastal Times
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    It was my birthday 2 weeks ago and I celebrated by completing my best workout of the year and most skillful negotiation; I dragged 6 checked bags […read more...]
  • Experiences on media trips.No trip is created equal
    In Opinion
    People often ask me “Where are you off to next?”. it’s an easy question and I often reply with a simple answer. However, I often find myself feeling […read more...]
  • Phil Soltysiak windsurfing pushlooping in front of my sponsor JR from Makani Fins - Photo by Nicholas ChapleauOBX-Wind Hatteras 2017
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    Cape Hatteras has always been a “family” destination for me. My parents use to take my brothers and I down for a week every October. A 14 hour drive […read more...]
  • The windsurf life! Chilling with Yentel Caers and Antony Ruenes. Photo by Flo RagossnigCape Town Times
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    I’m not much of a tourist. Spending 2 months in Cape Town I only went on 3 hikes and wine tasting once. However, I did drive 7000km to windsurf and […read more...]
  • Kono on Rietvlei - Photo by Kiril UmrikhinClassic Cape Town
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    The wind blows nearly every day in the Cape Town area. Most days it’s a matter of looking out the window to know what the wind’s going to do, […read more...]
  • Heading to the water at Melkbos on a busy day - photo by Ryan Allderman2017 is on!
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    I’m seriously stoked on how my 2016 shaped up, and if the first few adventures of 2017 are a sign of things to come, it will be another epic […read more...]
  • Phil Soltysiak Backloop at Praia de Malhada - photo by Winnie PixSecrets of Jeri
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    So we continue with the eat, sleep, windsurf theme of my blog. After all that’s pretty much all I do. So in this post you’ll read about […read more...]
  • Helis, Buggies and DownwindersHelis, Buggies and Downwinders
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    I had a week of adventures here in Jeri. Lagoon sailing in Tatajuba, a return roller coaster flight in a helicopter, a downwinder to the Guriu river […read more...]
  • Caju fruit ready to be eaten in the equipment storage at Club Ventos.4 Jeri Foods
    In Opinion, Travel
    My top 4 Jeri Foods: Kiwiroska, Abacaxiroska, Maracujaroska and Caipirinhas. No…just kidding ;-)… Every person organizes their life priorities […read more...]
  • Phil Soltysiak pushloop windsurfing at Sherkston Shores - Photo by NiagaraMike2000Europe>Canada>Brazil
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    A week in Poland, a week in Canada and now day 3 in Brazil. After the European Tour event in Brouwersdam, Holland, I flew to Poland to visit family. […read more...]
  • 4.7m Sailworks Revolution and 93l Starboard FlareDAM X European Tour
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    After the Sylt PWA event I had a 2 day break at my  friend Steven’s house in Belgium, then we went straight to Holland to probably the coolest […read more...]
  • Phil Soltysiak checking the flags at the PWA World Cup Sylt Grand Slam5th in the World!
    In Competition, Latest News
    1 drive, 3 flights, and 2 trains is all I needed to get myself and my life packed in a suitcase and board bags to Sylt, Germany. All that effort paid […read more...]
  • The sun goes down at Sauble Beach3 Weeks at Home
    In Latest News, Training
    Although generally the fall is decent for windsurfing in Southern Ontario, these last couple weeks have been below average. I still managed to […read more...]
  • Backlooping at the Hatchery - photo by Brian Sprout - rider Phil SoltysiakEnd of Summer
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    Or is it?… I just got home to Toronto from 4 weeks of chasing wind up and down the Columbia River Gorge and it’s probably the hottest day I’ve […read more...]
  • Sick freestyle spot downwind of the Event Site with the Hood River bridge behind me - Photo by Brian SproutHome and Hood
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    Checking in my windsurf gear for free has become a norm for me! This was my 2nd check-in in a row with a ton of gear and taking it all for free. […read more...]
  • Top 4 after the single elimination - Left to Right - Phil Soltysiak - Yentyel Caers - Amado Vrieswijk - Gollito Estredo5th at PWA Fuerte
    In Competition, Latest News, Travel
    The PWA Fuerteventura Grand Slam opened up with a bang as gusts to 40 knots greeted us riders on the first day. Classic Playa Sotavento conditions […read more...]
  • Skopu next to the beach in offshore winds - photo by Tom BrendtFuerteventura Preview
    In Competition, Opinion, Training, Travel
    The lead up to the PWA Fuerteventura Grand Slam. What’s it gonna take to win? Who’s hot? And live scoring. 2 weeks of warming up in Fuerteventura, […read more...]
  • Freestyling at The WallGorge Beach Bash
    In Competition, Latest News
    The Gorge Beach Bash sponsored by Sailworks was held June 24th – 26th in Hood River, OR. The event featured freestyle, slalom racing, tandem […read more...]
  • CAN 9 top turn windsurfing Pistol River Oregon - Photo by Ryan AlldermanPistol and Rio
    In Competition, Latest News, Travel
    The beauty of windsurfing competitions is no matter how you finish, at least you were on the water windsurfing. Well, as long as it’s windy. […read more...]
  • Phil Soltysiak bottom turns at Pistol River - Photo by Lawrence StewartWest Coast Escape
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    Sorry I can’t fill you in on the big project I’ve been working on the last 2 weeks with Max Matissek, you’ll have to check our your local […read more...]
  • Sailworks NX 7.8 and Starboard ISonic 114_webreadyUS Slalom Champion
    In Competition, Latest News, Travel
    Everything truly is bigger in Texas. Big sails, big boards, big fins, big gear bags and a big event. The 2016 US Windsurfing Nationals held down in […read more...]
  • PWA stickers ready for the sailsPWA Austria
    In Competition, Latest News, Travel
    112kgs it said on my luggage sticker. That should be enough to cover any wind and weather Podersdorf throws at me I thought. Podersdorf is a small […read more...]
  • Phil Soltysiak CAN 9 zoomed in windsurfing action at the Canadian Hole, Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. Photo by Makani Fins.Spring in Hatteras
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    Cape Hatteras was erased off my calendar last year due to the last-minute PWA Leucate event being on the same date. Thankfully this year there was no […read more...]
  • Phil Soltysiak CAN 9 windsurfing spray at Ho'okipa - photo by Lawrence Stewart.Maui Impressions
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    Although my 10 days in Maui weren’t the windiest, the trip was a success. I had the opportunity to windsurf various beaches around the island and […read more...]
  • Phil Soltysiak sliding a grubby on Isla Margarita.Podium at Freestyle Crown
    In Competition, Latest News
    The lightest wind of the winter plagued the 2016 El Yaque Freestyle Crown. Thankfully that didn’t stop either the Freestyle or SuperX competition […read more...]
  • Sunrise on the El Yaque Mountain Biking trailsOff Water Training
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    What do I do to stay in shape besides windsurfing? A change in the weather pattern lead to a week of lighter wind, even a couple of days without wind […read more...]
  • Phil Soltysiak CAN 9 Windsurfing at Manglillo, El Yaque Beach, Isla Margarita, Venezuela. Photo by Tom Brendt.Spots of El Yaque
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    So you thought I windsurf at the same beach for 2 months straight?!? Hood River and Cape Town are destinations where you windsurf different spots […read more...]
  • Sunset at Playa El YaqueYaque Life
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    2004 – My first ever visit to El Yaque – 10 windsurf centers – Over 100 windsurfers on the water – Windy every day. 2016 […read more...]
  • Manglillo action. Photo by Fukajaz.January in Venezuela
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    No better way to spend the winter than on a Caribbean beach! I’m back in El Yaque for some winter training, and the season is on fire! […read more...]
  • Planning with our friend and guide Russ.Skiing, 2016, New Sponsors
    In Latest News, Sponsors, Travel
    Happy New Year! Hope if you’re reading this you enjoyed the holidays and welcomed 2016 in style. I spent Christmas at home in Canada at my […read more...]
  • Flying over Jericoacoara.2 Months in Brazil
    In Latest News, Training, Travel
    Praia de Malhada Backloop. Photo by Adrian Irvine. I had a great 2 months on Brazil’s North Eastern coast this past November and December. My […read more...]
  • Lac Champlain Windsurfing by Adam WojtkowiakPWA Indoor & East Coast
    In Competition, Latest News, Travel
    Two weeks ago I flew to Poland’s capital, Warsaw for an indoor windsurfing competition. The first indoor event in the last 8 years. I was really […read more...]