Skiing, 2016, New Sponsors

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Happy New Year!

Hope if you’re reading this you enjoyed the holidays and welcomed 2016 in style.

I spent Christmas at home in Canada at my parents house with family, it was a fun contrast to the months spent in Brazil.

Climbing Mount Mackenzie.
Climbing Mount Mackenzie.

To keep things exciting I went off with my brothers for a short ski trip right after Christmas to Alberta and British Columbia. We skied a couple great resorts out there including Panorama, Kickinghorse and Revelstoke. The mountains already received 5 meters of snow this season, so there was plenty of the white stuff. Weather was also on our side as we had weather pattern called “inversion” in the mountains; -18C and cloudy in the valley, +2C and sunny at the summit. Perfect!

Besides the ski trip I also have some new supporters to announce for 2016:

I will be exclusively using Peppers Polarized Eyeware; I’m loving the new sunglasses, they are always polarized, good value, and they even have a line that floats!

I am also working on a new partnership with Bondic, a Canadian company that produces a liquid plastic welder. In fact the product itself should be available in your nearest hardware store. It’s a great board and fin repair tool, I’ll share more about how to use it shortly.

Peppers Eyeware and Bondic
Peppers Eyeware and Bondic

So make sure you give both Peppers and Bondic a visit, and keep in mind that I’m always wearing Peppers sunglasses and always using Bondic for any repairs.

Now, time to pack for a couple months of training in Venezuela!